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Dan WolfWho is Daniel Wolf?  When not teaching at a Philadelphia elementary school, he is slowly, quietly, and painstakingly penning well-crafted music and verse designed to penetrate even the most hardened of hearts. Listen carefully and you can hear the soft meditative sounds of Jobin, the romantic longings of Manilow, and the child-like wordplay of Roger Miller. But listen even more carefully and you will discover a most unique style culled from years of living and traveling abroad while forever keenly observing the full panoply of human emotions.

From the romantic “Here You’ll Stay" to the whimsical “Just You and Me”; from the rock “Lost Without You” to the 60’s-like “Graduation Day”; and from the folk “Collage” and “Seasons” to the nostalgic “Do You Remember?", Daniel Wolf possesses an uncanny ability to write in a variety of genres will maintaining the highest standards of musicality.

In addition to his individual pieces, Daniel has written 4 full length musicals. David is the story of the young shepherd boy destined to be King of Israel. In it we witness David’s rise to fame, his struggle with an increasingly jealous King Saul, and his love for Saul’s son, Jonathan. Socrates is the story of the renowned Greek philosopher during the last days of his life. Here we see Socrates’ razor sharp mind as he confronts the dogmas of his day, the devotion of his pupils especially that of a young Plato, his trial and conviction on a charge of heresy, and finally his courage in the final hours of his life. Kennedy is the story of the 35th President of the United States. Kennedy brings to life all those fascinating and unique individuals who made up the Kennedy era such as his wife Jackie, his brother Bobby, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, and of course Richard Nixon. Kennedy spans from 1953 where as a young senator, Kennedy meets the beautiful Jackie Bouvier (the future Mrs. Kennedy) to that fateful day in Dallas, 1963. Kennedy can be viewed at: www.kennedythemusical.com. Finally, there is Adam and Eve: The First Musical which takes a humorous look at Mankind's first married couple.

Adam and Eve

Daniel has also written a full length play called Sy's Bargain House which centers on the Finberg family who owned and operated " the most successful mom and pop shop in the city of Philadelphia."

Thus, given the scope of his work, Daniel Wolf has the potential to be a major voice in the world of popular music and theater. Please take the time to read and listen to his work carefully. You won't be disappointed.



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